Bio Capital Impact Fund

Investing in what matters for life

Unique Fund Structure

• Evergreen, open-ended Fund enabling continuous and flexible deal flow
• Ongoing capital and strategic support for investments
• No sunset date or cap on the value of the fund
• Management remuneration aligned to investors’ interests
• Robust process for investment selection and active ongoing involvement

Maximise Investment Returns

• High returns through tax neutral location and tax effective arrangements at all levels
• Bespoke structure for significant investors with long-term horizon
• Income flows directly to investors
• Flexible reinvestment pathways
• Invests in innovative and disruptive technologies that make a difference to humanity 

Investments That Make a Difference

• The Fund invests in innovative and disruptive technologies in the biotech space - medical, agricultural, industrial
• High growth diversified international later stage investments
• Investments that matter to people because they make lives better or improve society as a whole
• Measurable impact judged by internationally accredited organisations
• Built through alliances and collaborations with strategic partners, such as pharmaceutical companies and     medical research institutes and universities

Best in Breed Management Team

• Experienced team with global experience and track record in commercialisation, licencing, fund development and investment management across Asia, Europe and North America
• Managed from Australia, with satellite offices located in strategic geographies
• Delivers expected and unexpected connections in investment targets

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